четверг, 26 мая 2016 г.

1139 Man spared the time thinking that his lot...

Man spared the time thinking that his lot...
<kal rau> Cargo Shorts M2 Full Pack 02 
{QP} - You've Got Mail New!
Man spared the time thinking that his lot...
*5 basic skin textures, 24 preset colors, infinite variety of fine-tuning the color, 
in theory, can adjust to any skin color! Even non-human! (Using HUD) 
*6 Hair Bases (including bald), 14 eyebrows, 8 beard types and eyelashes. Fingernails, 
toenails included, can be adjusted to any color you want! 
By adjusting facial hair, you can create a New look! (Using HUD)
*Contains three basic body shapes (strong, shapely, thin), 7 different eyes!
*Tattoo Developer kits, that include stand alone wearable tattoo layer 
(it is unnecessary to wear an additional hidden grid if you do not wear a tattoo). 
You can make your own tattoojust drag your tattoo texture to the surface of HUD and click on it, tattoo texture 
will appear on your body! You can share or sell your tattoo, just drag tattoo texture 
to HUD surface, and give the HUD to your friends, when your friends or customers click the HUD, 
tattoo will appear on their own body! Script automatically identify the texture UUID, 
do not need to fill, simply drag! This way texture is well protected from being stolen! 
You can also make your own tattoo application HUD, we provide script with full permission, and has instruction! 

вторник, 24 мая 2016 г.

1137 Sometimes, before leaving, you should leave

1136 no matter what you see, it's how you look at it

no matter what you see, it's how you look at it
Avatar HUD v1.0 & HUD Controlled Mesh avatar
- High Resolution skin textures with muscular body type
- 3 Layer Skin, Tattoo and add on Clothing layer (working with SL textures)
- Alpha&Avatar&Layer controller HUD
- Tintable Body&Neck fixer via hud
- 16 style of heads / body hair option
- Compatible with advanced lighting effects
- Neck fixer for regular sl head usages
- Built in update system
- Tattoo and clothing layer
- Simple applier system
- Full pack contains developer tools (applier hud, clothing hud, scripts )
- Clothing layer matches with sl uv map
- Bonus simple tattoo
- 10 Regular sl skins and body shapes
- Nails, they are also tintable via HUD like neck fixer
- Additional 3rd party clothes

воскресенье, 22 мая 2016 г.

1135 let's be happy

let's be happy
*Dura-B&G*67 HAIR - DARK COLOR New!
Dura participates in an event of the CCB of this month. During an event period, this product is sold only in CCBThe event starts on the 21th May.
Web site :  http://www.sl-ccb.com/
Flickr group :  https://www.flickr.com/groups/ccb-sl/
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/slccb
PURPLE POSES - Couple 475 - N21- New!
модный женский/мужской дизайнер ювелирных украшений
- A v a w a y   R e s i d e n t -

1134 Justin

1133 This is my day